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Navigator - Big Dresser Valet Tray Organizer with Watch Box & Angled Charging Station

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The Navigator is perfect for those who want to stay organized and display their watches and other items at the same time. Always know where your keys, wallet, phone, watches, jewelry, and all of your other pocket gear are while looking good doing it.

Handcrafted Leatherette, Felt, Faux Suede & Glass

Features an Angled-Up Smartphone Ramp with a Charging Notch; This makes it easy to view phone notifications while your phone rests in the tray and charges

Front Catch-all Tray is curved which makes it easy to scoop out coins and keys

Real Glass Lid Display reveals 3 Watch Pillows plus Ring & Cufflink Slots. This way you show off your nice watches and jewelry while protecting them from dust.

Three Extra Large Watch Slots are 60mm wide to store oversize watches that have Large Faces.

Great Gift for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, Holidays, Promotions, Valentines Day, and for anyone who needs help organizing their stuff.

DIMENSIONS: 13.4" Wide X 11.8" Deep X 3" High.

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