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BLOCK - Belt Hanger & Belt Rack Organizer

BLOCK - Belt Hanger & Belt Rack Organizer

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BLOCK Belt Hanger & Belt Rack Organizer - A Solid Block of Premium Furniture-Grade Mahogany or Walnut Wood with 14 Symmetrical Slots for holding up to 14 Belts.

HOLD 14 BELTS ON A SWIVEL HOOK - Save Space in your Closet. Let all your nice belts face you in a row, or turn the BLOCK to sit perpendicular to your hanger bar to save closet space.

RIDGE GAURD - You spoke, we listened! The BLOCK now includes a ridge that secures your belts and helps protect your belts from accidentally falling off.

SLEEK DESIGN + PRACTICAL FUNCTION - The Solid Mahogany or Walnut BLOCK adds a touch of old world class to a simple, modern design. Why keep your expensive belts on a cheap piece of plastic? Display your belts somewhere worthy of their craftsmanship. Give them the BLOCK.

GIFT READY - Arrives in a Navy Blue Gift Box. Given as a gift, it will makes one's closet look great and will last them a lifetime.

ABOUT THE WOOD - Mahogany and Walnut are beautiful, classic hardwoods that have been used to make expensive furniture for centuries. Now, for the first time, you can get them in the form of a solid belt hanger by HOUNDSBAY. 

PATENTED - The BLOCK Belt Hanger is protected by U.S. Patents D886,472 & D887,725.

DIMENSIONS: The BLOCK measures 16" Long X 3" Wide x 1.6" High.

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