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Cedar Block Accessories for Closets & Drawers

Cedar Block Accessories for Closets & Drawers

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Protect your clothes from damage with our premium quality cedar accessories for clothes & linens storage, made from 100% aromatic U.S. eastern red cedar - the natural and effective protection for closets and drawers.

Keep drawers & small spaces smelling fresh with our cedar balls for clothes storage, which release a pleasant forest scent that will help you avoid using harmful chemicals for moth protection.

Our cedar hangers for closets and cedar rings are a convenient and effective way to protect your clothes from damage while hanging them in your wardrobe or closet.

Cedar is a a versatile and natural solution for protecting your clothes, shoes, and other items from damage and odors - simply place in your gym bags, shoe cabinets, or drawers. The natural scent will deter insects and keep everything smelling fresh.

60 Pack Includes: 25 Cedar Rings, 25 Cedar Balls, 5 Cedar Hang-ups, and 5 Cedar Blocks

120 Pack Includes: 10 Cedar Blocks, 45 Cedar Balls, 45 Cedar Rings, 10 Cedar Hang-Ups, 5 Cedar Sachets, and 5 Lavender Sachets

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