The Epic Sunglasses Organizer that Outshines All Others

The Epic Sunglasses Organizer that Outshines All Others

How Many Pairs of Sunglasses do You Have?

Real Quick: This post is about the Lookout Sunglasses Organizer by HOUNDSBAY.

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If you're like me, you have acquired quite a few pairs of sunglasses over the years. Some are really nice, some are cheap (but you still love them), and they are all slightly different styles.

But just like other items that I sometimes carry or wear, my sunglasses sat in a pile by my front door.

 Sunglasses to be organized

In this fun blog post, I'm going to show you:

  1. Why I Designed an Epic Sunglasses Organizer that also holds EDC
  2. How I Designed it
  3. What it Can Hold
  4. Where You can Keep it
  5. Latest Reviews on the Lookout Sunglasses Organizer (get from website and Amazon)
  6. FAQ's About the Lookout Sunglasses Organizer
  7. Different Kinds of Storage for Holding and Displaying Sunglasses

Why I Designed an Epic Sunglasses Organizer that also Holds Your Every Day Carry (EDC)

Sunglasses Organizer for Every Day Carry EDCC

One of my jobs as the co-founder of HOUNDSBAY is to design cool products that help you get organized. Our awesome customers have given us feedback that they don't just want an organizer that organizes one type of item, such as a basic watch box for watches.

Rather, they also want an organizer box that focuses on one item (like watches or sunglasses), but leaves room and flexibility to hold all their other stuff too. Why? I think because we only have room by our entry door for one organizer box, and we want a box that holds everything. 

We designed the HOUNDSBAY Commander around that concept, and it has been a huge success. Guys who collect watches, can load up their 6 favorite watches, yet also store their cell phone, wallet, keys, knives, etc. It's pretty awesome.

Houndsbay Commander Inspired the Lookout for Sunglasses Storage

But what about us guys that have a bunch of favorite sunglasses? Or regular eyeglasses? We exist too!

There is literally nothing on the market that let's you store and display your favorite sunglasses, while also charging your cellphone, and holding your wallet, keys, and other EDC.

Until now of course. 

Because what I did was design a brand new concept sunglasses organizer called The "Lookout".

Why the name "Lookout"? In keeping with HOUNDSBAY's nautical theme, a "Lookout" is a sailer placed high on masts or in the "crow's nest" to watch for land, other ships, and various dangers. It seemed a perfect fit since you "look" through your sunglasses.

Lookout Boy Sailor

How I Designed the "Lookout" Sunglasses Organizer

First, I purchased some existing Sunglasses Storage Cases on Amazon to check out their quality and construction. I was not impressed. They were poorly built and actually smelled like chemicals. They were all designed to hold ONLY Sunglasses, nothing else. So I knew there was an opportunity to add value to the market.

Poor Quality Sunglasses Storage

Next I moved on to creating a brand new, unique design. When embarking on a new design for anything, you need to lay out your goals. My goals for a new sunglasses organizer were:

  1. Hold 8 Sunglasses Comfortably
  2. Have a Smartphone Charging Station
  3. Have a Catch All Tray for Keys and Change
  4. Must Have Extra Space to fit Jewelry, Pens, Knives, Wallet, etc.
  5. Materials Must the Absolute Best including Real Glass, Chrome Hardware, and Scratch Resistant

With these goals in mind, I hit the drawing board. I sketched out a few different layouts. Every drawing seemed to sacrifice something.

Early Sketch of the Lookout Sunglasses Organizer

I finally settled on a design that did away with the catch-all tray and had the glass lid going all the way from front to back, to the left of the smartphone charging station. Because it still met all the other goals, we moved forward. We had our technical team make a prototype.

When we got this first prototype and played with it, we realized the problem immediately. It needed a catch-all tray! Why? It just needed that extra convenient space to quickly throw in your keys and other pocket stuff.
HOUNDSBAY Lookout Sunglasses Organizer Features
So back to the drawing board. We shortened the Glass Lid, and put a nice Catch-All Tray right in front. The prototype for this iteration was almost perfect.

The last small change was to make the drawer height a little bigger to make sure it holds larger size sunglasses (some sport sunglasses are quite large, even when folded).

Sunglasses Organizer Drawer

Colors? Choosing the colors is always the fun part, but for our first launch we usually go with our most popular: We decided on a Chocolate Brown with matching Brown interior, and Classic Black with a contrasting Gray interior. They look great.

Then we added stylish white accent stitching to the high quality scratch-resistant exterior.

Black and Brown Sunglasses Organizer with White Stitching

When the final prototype arrived, we felt we had a masterpiece. But we are not the judges! Our customers are!

So we made the Sunglasses Organizers according to our final prototype (they are made by hand, btw). Then we allowed our email list to have the first chance of buying them (you can get on our email list here). And they have been a hit ever since.

What can the "Lookout" Sunglasses Organizer Hold?

Well, obviously it can hold sunglasses. And of course it can hold eyeglasses. But like I said above, this was really designed to be a dresser valet box that has a focus on sunglasses, but holds lots of things.

Are you familiar with the acronym, "EDC"? EDC stands for "Every Day Carry". Every Day Carry is the stuff you carry around on your person every day. This can be keys and wallet. This can be a pocket knife. This can be a tactical flashlight.

Typical Every Day Carry Items
So the Lookout can hold most EDC in addition to sunglasses. Here is list of what I, the designer, think the "Lookout" can hold:

  • 8 Pairs of Sunglasses or Eyeglasses, More if you stack them
  • Smartphone
  • Keys & Pocket Change
  • Wallet or Billfold
  • Rings, Cufflinks, & Other Jewelry
  • Coins
  • Pens
  • Folding Knives
  • USB Drives
  • Lighter
  • Tactical Flashlight
  • Passport

...or anything else you carry or want to store. You'll be surprised what you start putting inside our dresser valets. Your goal is to not have stuff laying about everywhere. You want to organize it in some fashion inside the valet box.

Where Should You Put a Sunglasses Organizer?

The "Lookout" Sunglasses Organizer is a Dresser Valet with a focus on storing Sunglasses. And there are four areas in your home where any kind of a dresser valet or valet tray will serve you well:

HOUNDSBAY Lookout Sunglasses Organizer on Entryway Table


If you walk into your home and immediately start "unloading" your stuff, then keeping the Sunglasses Organizer in your entryway is a great idea.

Imagine, you'll walk in the door, and that Valet Box is where everything goes, including those awesome sunglasses you are wearing. As an added bonus, the "Lookout" looks stylish and modern, especially with your nice sunglasses loaded up and "showing off" under the glass lid. It's a conversation piece that will definitely get noticed.


If you have a dresser in your bedroom, this is another common sense place to put it. You walk into your bedroom every day, and that is where you can drop your EDC and your sunglasses. Because it comes in Brown or Black, it will look great with almost any bedroom decor style, modern or traditional.


I personally keep a HOUNDSBAY "Admiral" in my closet, and the "Lookout" would work just as well. If you want to keep your Sunglasses and other stuff out of sight from people in your home (maybe you have roommates), then your closet is perfect.

It looks awesome in your closet along with some of our other HOUNDSBAY Closet Gear such as our Cedar Shoe Trees, and "Block" Belt Hanger.


Your nightstand is another place that makes sense, depending on how large your nightstand is. I personally keep books and a reading lamp on my nightstand, and there would not be room for a dresser valet box.

But I know we have many happy customers that keep HOUNDSBAY Admirals and Commanders on their nightstands, so the Lookout would work there too.

Latest Reviews on the Lookout Sunglasses Organizer

Houndsbay Lookout Sunglasses Organizer has 5 Star Rating

  • 5 STARS - Awesome! Holds all my expensive sunglasses, wireless phone charger, and all my edc. Very nice looking! - W.C.
  • 5 STARS - An excellent sunglasses holder. Very well crafted and looks stylish as well. I highly recommend it. - B.F.
  • 5 STARS - Well built. Soft materials. Great for my Watches as well as Sunglasses. Cleaned up clutter nicely. - T.W.
  • 5 STARS - This was the best organizer I have purchased yet from Houndsbay! It perfectly fits sunglasses and has so much additional room for accessories. Fantastic quality and looks even better in person! I would highly recommend! - S.A.

FAQ's About the Lookout Sunglasses Organizer

Question: What are the Dimensions?

Answer: The overall dimensions of the "Lookout" are 11.6" Wide X 11.6" Deep X 5.9" High.
Houndsbay Lookout Sunglasses Organizer Case Measurements and Dimensions

Question: How Many Pairs of Sunglasses does it hold?

Answer: There are 3 slots under the display lid, 4 inside the drawer, plus another large section that can hold an 8th pair (or anything else that fits). If you "double up" pairs of sunglasses in the slots, you can hold even more. 

 Houndsbay Lookout Sunglasses Organizer Holds 8 Pairs

Question: How much does it Weigh?

Answer: It weighs about 6 pounds (2.7 kg)

Question: Is the Lid Real Glass?

Answer: YES, the lid is made from real glass. Less expensive competitors use plexiglass.

Question: Does it Come in a Gift Box?

Answer: YES, Like all our valet products, the Lookout Sunglasses Organizer comes in a textured gift box with a metallic logo on the top. It looks extremely nice and presentable. We did this because we know that many people give our products as gifts to loved ones.

HOUNDSBAY Lookout Sungalsses Organizer with Giftbox

Other Ways to Store Sunglasses

In case you're looking for other ways to store your sunglasses, here are your options:

Sunglasses Display Case - These are more used in a retail setting by someone selling sunglasses or glasses. But maybe you have an insane sunglasses collection and need to show them off!

Sunglasses Display Case
Individual Sunglasses Cases - These are good if you only have a few pairs of sunglasses and just want to keep them in a drawer. If you are going to use these while traveling, please get a hard case. The soft cases are an invitation to crush your favorite sunglasses.

Individual Sunglasses Case
Sunglasses Display Boxes - A basic sunglasses display box or case is simply a box with a glass lid, and many identical slots to put sunglasses. It is not made to store anything else like jewelry, watches or EDC. It's like your basis watch box but for sunglasses.

Sunglasses Display Box 

Is the HOUNDSBAY Lookout Sunglasses Organizer for you?

It depends on how many Sunglasses you own, and if you like to rotate through them. If you have quite a few, the Lookout is a really nice way to keep them tidy along with your other EDC items.

If you don't have them many sunglasses, but still like the design, check out our Admiral and Commander Dresser Valets. They might be a good fit for you.

Thanks for reading this post about our latest design. I hope you enjoyed it!

Fair Winds,

Rich from HOUNDSBAY 

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

HOUNDSBAY Lookout Sunglasses Organizer Case Box

About HOUNDSBAY: Headquartered in Plano, Texas, HOUNDSBAY was found in 2016 by 2 men who appreciate old style quality, and want to express this by producing premium closet accessories, valet organizers and shoe care products.


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