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Shoe Trees

2-Pack - Men’s Cedar Shoe Tree – Split Toe


Two Pairs - Two Pairs of our Men's Cedar Shoe Trees

Trees for Trees™ - Plants a Tree in America – For every pair of shoe trees you buy, one tree will be planted in the United States. So the 2-pack plants 2 trees!

Crafted from Aromatic Red Cedar - Contains Over 75% Cedar Heartwood (as opposed to Sapwood). This part of the wood is more absorbent and contains the most aroma.

Extends The Life of Your Shoes - Premium natural Cedar Heartwood helps Dissipate Odors left behind, also repelling insects, it most importantly Absorbs Moisture. Removing moisture from your shoes, extends the life of your shoe from the inside out. (It's kinda like the rice trick for your phone.)

Prevents Wrinkles from Forming - The Shoe Tree mimics your shoes original shape, before we start walking, pushing brake pedals, bouncing our foot, and all our other daily rituals that cause wrinkles and creases to form. By using our Shoe Trees right after wearing your shoes, you allow your shoe to rest and help stretch back to it's original shape.

RIGHT and LEFT Laser Engraving - Determine which shoe tree goes in which shoe at a glance with our Laser Engraved RIGHT and LEFT.

Wide Heel with Comfortable Hook Handle - Preserving the Heel of shoe is just as important, and our Wide Heels properly preserve the original shape of the back of the shoe; The spring loaded brass center bar firmly maintains the length of the shoe and allows for easy entry and removal with the Hook Handle.

Spring Loaded - Centerpiece firmly maintains the length of the shoe and allows for easy entry and removal

Great Gift – These Long Lasting Shoe Trees are a timeless necessity that all gentleman will use over and over. These go great with New Shoes type events. Gift Ideas: Graduation, Promotions, Wedding Party Gifts (also a subtle hint to the Groomsman to wear good shoes), Stocking Stuffer (the one time to use it with socks), New Shoes.

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