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The Bernese - 1" - 3" High Heel Boot and Shoe Stretcher

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  • Only fits 1" - 3" High Heels. Works with Boots, High Heels, and Wedges

    Only 1 Stretcher Included with Purchase; It's Designed for Both Right & Left Shoes. Please note this stretcher is NOT for Western Style Cowboy Boots.

    Stretch your High Heel Boots and Shoes into the perfect fit for your foot with this premium professional high heel stretcher used by the experts. Made from polished metal and beautiful German Beech Hardwood. It is heavy, smooth, and indestructible.

    The 6 included plugs allow you to target stretch certain tight spots inside your high heels that may be causing you discomfort. It's a great way to relieve Bunions, Corns, and other foot pressure points.

    In just 8 Hours, Stretch the Width of your High Heels into the Ultimate Comfort Fit for your deserving foot.

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