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The Esquire - 3-in-1 Lint Remover & Garment Care Suit Brush for Clothes with Shoe Horn Handle

  • The Esquire features a lint remover, a garment brush, and a shoe horn handle. Makes getting ready a breeze. Super soft bristles will keep your garments in great condition and remove any kind of lint or hair without scratching. The other side will remove fur, hair, dust and anything else that wants to stick to your clothes.

    ARROW ENGRAVING - Shows you the correct direction to brush your lint remover against your clothes. The lint remover is a directional fabric that lifts material when brushed in the correct direction.

    SHOE HORN HANDLE - Helps you slip on your shoes with ease and protects the heel of your shoe from damage. This shoe horn handle makes the Esquire the ultimate "Closet Tool"

    CONSIDER GETTING TWO - We recommend you keep one Esquire Brush in your bedroom closet and one in your coat closet because these are the two places you'll need it most.


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