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The Advocate - Suede & Nubuck 4-Way Cleaning Brush Kit

  • CLEAN YOUR SUEDE SHOES WITHOUT DAMAGING THEM: This special kit was put together with the explicit purpose of cleaning suede in a gentle manner. It contains a suede cleaning brush that can gently rub and clean suede and suede shoes in 4 different ways. It also contains a special eraser that can be rubbed on a dirty spot to gently remove dirt.

    TARGETED SUEDE CLEANING: The specially designed suede brush can clean gently with the soft bristles or heavy cleaning with the brass and nylon bristles. It has 2 protruding surfaces that will help you clean in corners, crevices and more difficult areas.

    HEAVY-DUTY ERASER: Your kit comes with a heavy white cleaning eraser. Try rubbing this amazing tool on scuffs and stains to see how it works. Sometimes this is all you need!

    SUEDE LEATHER LOOP: Because you are cleaning suede, we wanted to give you some extra suede! Your brush comes equipped with a suede leather loop tied into the handle. This makes your brush easier to grab and easier to hang nearby.

    BONUS CLEANING CLOTH: We also threw into this kit a navy blue microfiber cleaning cloth to help you wipe down any reside on your suede shoes, clothes, furniture, etc.

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